Czechshuttle Transport

Czechshuttle is a Czech company providing transport from the place of your choice directly to the destination you want to visit.

We are flexible and willing to accommodate to your exact needs. You can choose a 4-seater car or an 8-seater van for a friendly price including a group discount.

How to book a ride?

If you wish to book a ride with us, please use the booking form on our website. After placing the order, you will be contacted by our staff to confirm it and provided with all the necessary information. In case you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact us at

Shuttle from Český Krumlov to Hallstatt and back

Czechshuttle offers daily transport from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov and Český Krumlov to Hallstatt. The ride from Český Krumlov to Hallstatt costs 1050 CZK/person and takes about 3 hours. We will gladly accommodate the time to your needs.
Seats must be booked in advance by email at or by telephone at +420 776 644 011.

Why should you choose Czechshuttle transport?

We provide non-stop service at affordable prices. Our drivers are skilled, reliable professionals and will ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Enjoy your trip and let us worry about transport arrangements, choose Czechshuttle.